Spotalike: An easy way to find Spotify playlists you'll love

SpotalikeA new online recommendation tool called Spotalike lets you quickly and easily find Spotify playlists that’ll suit you.

It’s very much like the music version of film and TV recommending gem Jinni (if you haven’t tried Jinni yet do it NOW). Spotalike asks you to enter just one track by one artist and it’ll recommend a playlist that you’ll like gathered from the vaults.

Now Spotalike can’t read your mind, so if you enter a song that you know doesn’t fall in line with the rest of your music tastes it won’t be able to tell.

Although there are similar recommendation tools integrated within other programmes, we love Spotalike because it’s just SO simple, making it ideal for a Spotify beginner who wants some ready-made playlists, or even a seasoned user searching for a little bit of inspiration.

Becca Caddy