Flickr takes on Instagram with app, real time sharing and filters

flickr-instagram.jpgToday Yahoo revealed its first Android Flickr application, with plenty of sharing options and… here’s the exciting part… lots of Instagram-like filters.

The new photo application features an activity stream so that you can view recent photos from your friends in real time and browse through all of their past sets and collections, as well as yours. You can also view likes, comments and even a map containing information about where the photos have been taken.

However, it’s not just the app’s interface which is slick and rather Instagram-like, but the set of ten filters designed to “beautify” your images that are integrated into the app too, which can then be shared through to Flickr or onto Facebook and Twitter as well.

The filters and new interface haven’t been added to Flickr’s iOS application at the moment, so it’s not necessarily a big head-to-head with Instagram. Not quite yet anyway.

[Via Mashable]

Becca Caddy


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