Exciting news – the GoCycle GSR2 electric bike on its way in November

GocycleG2_FullSideRight_2100.jpgHugely exciting news today – well for cycle fans anyhow. Karbon Kinetics has announced the launch of the 2011 Gocycle G2 the second-generation model of its award-winning electric bike.

We loved the original version. It was light, worked really well, had decent battery life and unlike almost every other electric bike looked very cool in a contemporary way.

So what’s new? According to GoCycle designer Richard Thorpe (interview here), ‘Customers will notice the user enhancements, lighter weight, increased performance and further design integration.’

The GSR2, as it will be known, has electronic shifting, hydraulic brakes and KKL’s patent-pending seamless internal cable routing technology.

Thorpe also says, ‘We have also worked on improving the electric drive system in terms of smoothness, efficiency and reliability–without compromising on weight and compactness.’

A limited number of top-of-the-range G2R models will go on sale in November for around €2,999.

Now how about a proper electric Brompton?

Ashley Norris


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