6 Content curation apps for the iPad

It’s always great to discover new things all by yourself, but often curated content that’s brought to you from links your networks have shared is a much quicker and more efficient way to consume all kinds of news, rather than spending hours browsing all around the web for it.

There are many who would argue that if you’re using Twitter “right” (I hate it when people say there’s a right or wrong way to use a social network) you don’t need a separate app or service and you can glean all of the important stuff directly from your stream. However, one of the reasons so many people buy iPads is because content is often tailored to look SO DAMN GOOD on them, an appeal many of our favourite content curation apps have perfected.

We’ve collected together our top 6 content curation apps specially for the iPad and although they all do a similar job and rock the grid-like look, they’re all unique in their own special way too.

Becca Caddy


  • MONTEGO BAY, St James – A Clarendon-born man, Alvin Phee, who has lived in London, England for the past 10 years was on Tuesday sentenced to a total of 15 months in prison and fined $465,000 on drug charges.

    After pleading guilty to six counts last week, Alvin Phee, who was held with 35.25 lbs of ganja in his bags at the Sangster International Airport and then passed out 1.25 lbs of cocaine after he was taken to the Cornwall Regional Hospital, could spend up to a year in jail if he fails to pay the fines.

    The Croydon, London resident had pleaded guilty to possession, dealing and taking steps to export ganja and cocaine.

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  • During the Photoshop World 2011 keynote, Adobe announced Adobe Carousel for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Mac OS. Adobe Carousel is designed for anyone who loves photographs, takes a lot of them, and needs a simple way to view, browse, adjust and share them without worrying about manual syncing or storage. Adobe Carousel uses the powerful photo-processing technology that is used in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, so customers get the finest photo-editing results delivered consistently no matter what the device. Photos look great and are easy to share directly with family and friends.

  • 4Towers Onslaught, like its predecessor 4Towers Combo, is a tower defense game where players place four basic tower types in different combinations in order to destroy waves of incoming enemies. 4Towers Onslaught also includes persistent power-ups that can be purchased with in-game currency called biomatter that is awarded at the completion of each level. These power-ups can be used to increase the strength, range, rate of fire, and other tower abilities.

  • this week they rolled out a 3.0 update that greatly enhances the functionality in the app. When the iPad debuted, one of the first apps to rocket to the top of the charts was GoodReader, and with good reason: it was a better PDF reader than Apple’s built-in iBooks app. GoodReader wasn’t perfect, and hasn’t evolved that much. I bought GoodReader and used it for a long time until I had a chance to use PDF Expert. Now I’m sold: PDF Expert is likely the ultimate iOS PDF app out there right now.

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