Alan Sugar holds a book signing… on Twitter

Alan SugarStraight talking entrepreneur Alan Sugar held a book signing today, which is fairly standard for a guy who stars in a reality TV show and loves writing about himself. But this book signing was different because it took place on Twitter.

I know what you’re thinking, a book signing isn’t a book signing if BOOKS AREN’T BEING SIGNED, but it was actually a quirky ploy to get people talking about his new ranty book and I hate to say it, but it seemed to really work.

At 1pm today, Sugar’s one million Twitter followers were urged to go over to, log in with their Twitter details and then submit a rant, anything they wanted to voice to the masses. Alan Sugar would then choose the best one and sign a book for that user.

It’s essentially just a gimmicky competition, but it’s good to see Lord Sugar interacting with people on Twitter (in a way) and getting them to enter in a way that’s in keeping with the book, which is all about his “rants, revelations and rules for life”.

Becca Caddy


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