About.me and Flavors.me: Home page how-to and inspiration

Creating your own home page isn’t just a useful exercise for media types or narcissists, having a little online space for basic information about you, links to your social media accounts and maybe a big picture has all kinds of benefits.

Not only does it give you control over what people are likely to find on the first page when they Google your name (whether they’re stalkers or employers), but it also means you have something to write in that pesky URL box that pops up on various social networks that those without a blog usually leave blank.

There are a number of services dedicated to helping you build a pretty home page, but our two favourites at the moment are about.me and flavors.me.

Although they’re completely separate services, they’re both very similar in many ways. They both have slick interfaces with an intuitive dashboard allowing you to make all kinds of changes to your homepage, like add different services, write a quick bio or add a big flashy image into the background. You can make things as basic and professional or crazy and colourful as you please after just ten minutes tweaking your settings.

We’ve collected together some great examples and screenshots from the flavors.me and about.me directories to give you a taster of the services as well as some inspiration.

Becca Caddy

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