5 Cool new(ish) music apps for the iPhone

Song Kick App

Most people seem to have a favourite music service that they always come back to for discovering, storing and sharing their favourite tracks.

The likes of iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud are already firm favourites, but we’ve come across a few music apps and services recently that are a little different.

1. Flowd
What is it? An app which has been dubbed “Foursquare with a musical twist”.
Why is it different? By using your phone’s GPS, Flowd allows users to ‘check-in’ to gigs and festivals. Artists can then run all kinds of promotions to interact with and reward their fans. Flowd now also has Soundcloud integration too, so it’s not just all about location, location, location.
How much is it? Free.

2. Songkick Concert
What is it? Songkick Concert makes sure you never miss your favourite artists when they perform in your area.
Why is it different? It scans through your music collection and creates a personalised calendar of concerts and events that you’d love. It then gives you plenty of information when you get there too, like a venue map and line-up details.
How much is it? Free.

3. Discovr
What is it? Like Jinni but for music, Discovr lets you explore new artists that are similar to the ones you already like.
Why is it different? Start by inputting the name of an artist or band, then you can see how others are related through a kind of big, shiny, mind map. You can go as deep into the world of music as you like by clicking on more and more artists.
How much is it? £1.49.

4. MusicDrop for Dropbox
What is it? A way to listen to the music collection stored in your Dropbox account.
Why is it different? It gives you a fuss-free way of listening to everything in your Dropbox account, along with browse and search functionality, a directory browser and Facebook integration all within a slick interface.
How much is it? £1.49.

5. Roqbot
What is it? Kind of like a little jukebox in your pocket.
Why is it different? It lets you control the music that’s playing in a venue, as well as buy what’s already on, vote on what you want to hear next and integrate all of your social networking channels. The only issue with Roqbot is that it looks like the venue needs to be in on the game too, so it might take a while for this to catch on.
How much is it? Free.

Becca Caddy


  • Thanks for the mention! Our system does require the bar to be running the Roqbot player. However, any bar can sign up in 10 min and run it in their browser or on an iPod Touch connected to their sound system. Tell your favorite bar to check it out at roqbot.com/biz

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