15 TOUGH iPhone and iPad cases

We’ve seen our fair share of iPhone and iPad cases here at Shiny Shiny, from the multifunctional to the crafty, the eco-friendly to the stylish, but there comes a time when we get a little sick of what something looks like and what fancy material it’s made from. Instead we want a case that will REALLY protect our expensive gadgets, so no amount of throwing, stamping or water-related accidents will matter.

In recent months a number of brands have been launching cases that are real tough cookies, so in the event of a nuclear war there’ll only be cockroaches and a whole army of safe, shiny Apple products left to re-populate the earth.

Becca Caddy


  • and a designer watch can’t be ignored. We know a luxury watch can make the wearers more poised and give good impression to people surrounding.

  • iPad 2 Clear Armor
    The fact that this case comes with a lifetime warranty shows how confident its makers are in its durability and standards. It actually isn’t a hard case, so much as a hard film that protects your screen from anything that life could throw at it. Consisting of the same material used to protect Apache Helicopter blades from damage during Desert Storm, Clear Armor certainly is tough enough for any type of battle your iPad 2 may encounter.

  • You also tether have to determine which songs suit your taste and your moods at any given time, and this takes hours. As soon as the obtain is total, evo you will be given an choice of settings and using it as rooting default participant is prudent. And in an apparent response to consumer demands, they have included one SD- driver slot to the android tether driver notebook. 2nd, Click the Win a Black Macbook Air image or android Win a Free iPhone 4 image. You’ ll never regret your purchase.

  • iPad 2 Custom-fit Case
    This is the most versatile case on the list, seeing as you can make the most of your iPad’s media capabilities wherever you position it. Anywhere you put your iPad down, the stand allows you to pick the most comfortable viewing angle. You can snap the stand into place to stop your wrists being tired and your back slouching and the case also provides a luxury book-style reading experience for your favorite publications in portrait mode. A real winner.

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