Eco-friendly iPhone cases? Yes, meet Proporta's Smart range

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Case-makers ProPorta who cater to the more fine and serious end of the case market have released a new green range. It’s named the Smart range and

They’ve taken one of their top-sellers, a leather iPhone case with an aluminum screen protection plate and greened it up. That means replacing the leather with recycled leather, using recycled plastic in the holder parts and replacing the aluminium plate with a bamboo one.

Apparently aluminium is particularly bad for the environment because of the high amount of electricity used in separating it from the bauxite ore it is found in. High electricity use means a big carbon footprint.

By doubling up the bamboo insert as the packaging, it saves on cardboard and means less is wasted. They’ve also got a recycled leather case for iPad. Nice video about the whole greening thing here.

Check out the bamboo in a shop before jumping into a purchase, it is a bit thicker than the aluminium and slightly more crackable. But if the bamboo isn’t for you, you may well like the cheaper and quite attractive hessian pouch which protects your phone in a bag or pocket, and has a stylish diagonal stitched design on it.

The Proporta Smart range from
£29.95 for the Recycled Leather Case with Bamboo Screen Protection, £19.95 for either of the pouches and £34.95 for the Recycled Leather Case for iPad

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Anna Leach


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