In Pictures: Hot new Spiderman is Black, Hispanic, Hot

Marvel have been making headlines with a new Spiderman – Miles Morales – who is not just new, but one of the first key comicbook heros to be black or Hispanic. He’s both in fact, being mixed-race.

Still geeky, still working-class – he also has the toned body and bulging pecs of a man who spends his nights swinging from sticky glue ropes and the smarts needed to fight the bad guys and come up with snappy oneliners. We’re into all of this.

Comment from Marvel about Miles, who picks up the role of Spiderman after Peter Parker is killed by the Green Goblin, has been pretty emotional with Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso – mixed-race himself – saying to the BBC:

“Going into this we knew we wanted to make a statement about the 21st century”

Alonso told the Beeb he cried when Barack Obama was elected president “partly because he was African-American but largely because of the fact that he was mixed race”.

Alonso added that when Morales “peels off his mask now, he’s going to have a very different look and he’s going to resonate emotionally with all sorts of new readers”.

Chief writer Brian Michael Bendis is Jewish and has two adopted children from Africa. “So I know for him it was definitely personal,” Alonso said.

Sounds like an emotional place that office, well good. It’s an easy transition for us – Spiderman has always been a bit of an outsider. If Superman were black or you know, gay or something, everyone would go apeshit. But Spiderman, he can get away with it. He’s cool.

Not loads of pictures kicking around but we found a few… Link us any more!

Anna Leach


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