Find A Fountain: Don't want to pay for Water? There's a (web) app for that

66-water.jpgIf you too resent handing over £1.50 for some water in a plastic bottle- when you know that the damn stuff gushes for (almost) free out of the UK’s taps then you may be pleased to hear that there’s an app helping you find free water in London.

Find a Fountain is a mobile-optimised website (full app coming soon) that pinpoints where water fountains are in the UK (though only London has been covered so far). It’s user-generated so they’re asking people to add their local water fountains.

Alistair from FindAFountain says:

“It’s a bit of a firstworldproblem that we have plenty of free sources of fresh water that no one’s using but we feel we have to buy bottled water, so this is quite a good way to do something about it and is one way to reduce the waste involved in the industry, which is actually pretty hefty and environmentally unsustainable when you look into it.”

The app isn’t GPS linked yet, though that’s coming. I found the map a little jumpy on my attempt to use it, but it seemed to work better afterwards.

And then this is more than just an app, it’s sort of a movement. Alistair says:

“Second phase will be to campaign to get all those cool old Victorian water fountains with lion’s heads and dolphins and cherubs and the like refurbished and supplied with clean safe drinking water.”

Sounds good to me.

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Anna Leach