App of the Day: TubeTap – get your money back on delayed Tube rides


One for the Londoners this – but the principle could be applied anywhere with a transport system that has some kind of we-won’t-make-you-late guarantee.

Transport for London – who run London’s tubes and buses have a money-back guarantee that they will refund your journey if they make you late. Maybe you knew that – but the chances are that you haven’t taken advantage of it. It’s quite fiddly to find and fill in a refund request form. And that’s where the app TubeTap comes in.

TubeTap say:
“It is estimated that £34m worth of refunds are owed to Tube commuters each year. Are you getting your fair share?”

Err that sounds like a lot to me. Well if it’s up for the taking… What TubeTap does is make it very easy to submit a refund request:

“TubeTap is the easiest way to get refunds when you’re late on the Tube. TubeTap is the only app that automatically locates what stations you’re at, estimates your journey time for you and automatically submits refund requests. It couldn’t be easier.”

You tap in when you arrive at a Tube station and tap out when you leave: it automatically calculates your journey time, works out if you are eligible for a refund and then sends off a request if you are.

I don’t know if this sort of thing is responsible citizenship. But hey – you could get a refund!

TubeTap is £0.69 on iTunes

Anna Leach


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