YouTube hit Rebecca Black is back with My Moment, but can she ever produce another Friday?


Youtube superstar – Rebecca Black is releasing a new music video today that will chart the 14 year old’s “rocky rise to fame”.

It’s going to be called My Moment and is going live on Youtube and on her website at 8pm. It’s the follow up to her viral hit Friday – which was loved, reviled and played over 150 million times before it was taken off the internet.

But is the story of her path to fame is what we want? I fear that the teen might have lost what made her so real. Surely Rebecca’s true genius lies in singing eternal truths about normal life. Things like this:

“Yesterday was Thursday / Today is Friday / Tomorrow is Saturday / And Sunday comes after that”

The mixture of home truths and the little happenings of the everyday – eating breakfast, going to the bus stop – all set to heady pop was what made Friday so globally appealing.

Let’s remember the epic opening lines:
“7am waking up in the morning / Gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs / Gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal”

Can My Moment match it? I only hope so…

If not, why not try your hand at making a Youtube hit? See – Ten Tips for Making a Hit YouTube Video: What we learned from Rebecca Black’s Friday

It reminds us of Our Favourite Rebecca Black Memes

Anna Leach

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