Poll: Have you "Owled"? Will you? The New Planking sweeps Daily Mail, England Cricket team

The Daily Mail gave us a heads-up on this new web-craze last week and we just wanted to see how Shiny readers felt about it all.

Remember “planking”? the mania for lying flat on things and posting pictures of yourself doing it on the internet got big in Australia. Planking hit the news after a man tragically died trying to do it on a balcony in Brisbane. Well “owling” is the new planking. It’s gone pretty big, thanks largely to the England Cricket team and err… Wall Street Journal staff .

The best bit of a Daily Mail article is usually the comments: this one is good.

Mr BW Moore of Stockton-on-Tee says:
“What a SAD place we are all having to live in now ! Is THIS the best that these youngsters can up with to pass the time of day ? SAD ! SAD ! SAD !”

Are you a SAD SAD youngster? Are you a member of the England cricket team? Have you “owled”? Would you consider doing it in the future? Tell us:
(some choice pictures below).

Anna Leach