How Britons are relaxing on holiday: Going on Facebook


We say we go on holiday to get away from it all, but it turns out that most of us can’t stop ourselves logging right back into it as soon as we get there.

30% of us relax on holiday by checking Facebook or Twitter says a survey by Cox and Kings, a tailored holiday company. 70% of Britons surveyed said they brought tech stuff on holiday with them and only 6% of them were using that technology for work.

So rather than kicking back with a page-turner by the poolside, we seemed to be taking our iPhones and checking up what our friends are up to. Women are more likely to check social media sites – compared to men who are more likely to check the news sites. But the biggest difference is generational. The survey results said:

“The younger end of holidaymakers, 34 and younger, use the most technology, with 78% relying on gadgets to help them relax. Regardless of silver surfers becoming more tech-savvy and increasingly logging into social media, half of over 55-year-olds still opt for the more old-fashioned way of relaxing on holiday.”

Of course a lot of gadgets rely on finding a wifi spot – but most of us seem to find a way to use the things..

Anna Leach