Brugo Tip'n'Sip mug keeps drinks at optimum temperature for Tea Fascists


If you’re one of those people who refuses to drink tea or coffee unless it’s at an optimum temperature, then you should probably should consider an insulated mug: for the good of yourself, of the environment and of the other people in the office who make you all these cups of tea that you BARELY drink because it’s too hot to start with and then too cold.

I actually like cold coffee, but then I’m kind of weird like that.

Anyway. One such insulated mug is the Brugo Mug, a brightly coloured, double-insulated plastic mug that has a screw-on lid with one of those little sucky holes. It has a tip-and-sip thing which is supposed to protect you from the two extremes of hot and cold, by letting the hot stuff cool down a bit in a secondary chamber before you drink it, but preventing it from getting, you know, too cold.

It also works if you want to keep cold drinks cold, which is more likely in this hot summer weather.

They use PTZ technology. That means Perfect Temperature Zone technology – sounds pretty scientific to me. Anyway, we’ve been putting it to the test and it’s quite nice to drink out of. It’s grippable, drop-resistant and looks kind of sci-fi.

Though as ever – it comes down to how you feel about reusable sucky mugs and the fact that you can’t put them in the dishwasher.

Brugo Mugs are £14.99 from Brugo

Anna Leach


  • Avoid this product. Misleading company. Doesn’t lock, so leaks badly. Drink cools very quickly too when “sealed”.

  • I wouldn’t advise buying one of these AT ALL. For Christmas, my mum bought both me and my partner one (blue for him, orange for me, assuming you care) so that I could take my breakfast baileys latte to work without it filling up my bag or going cold. However, both of them leaked, badly.

    There’s a special lid on the top with three settings; ‘closed’, ‘tip n sip’, ‘fully open’ but no matter how you close it once you’ve made the drink, or if you tip it again after closing, it still slowly leaks out through the top… into your bag even when you stand them up wedged between things to keep them upright.

    I thought it might be the ‘tip n sip’ part of it, meaning you’d have to turn the lid to ‘fully closed’ and then tip it once to empty the ‘tip n sip’ part but alas, it still leaks after rereading the instructions and trying everything I could think of, and they’re now both sat looking really pretty in one of our cupboards, never to return to my work bag again… after it completely annihilated my phone, purse and various other stuff. Booo.

    If you still want one, they’re cheaper on Amazon at about £12 – £14 a pop :)

    …but I would highly suggest any of the ones starbucks. They can go in the dishwasher and they’re only about a tenner. Happy slurping homies :)

    • This is Brugo, we are sorry that you have had a bad experience with your Brugo mug. The review of the Brugo mug is the new version which only launched this year. The less expensive Brugo mugs which you have and that some retailers are still selling is the old version. Thank you so much for taking the time to give feedback, we really appreciate it.

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