Zuckerberg battles claims for ownership of 50% of Facebook


He most certainly did not promise away 50% of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has argued to a New York court. This follows claims from one Paul Ceglia, who has presented an alleged contract and emails to support his story.

Says the court documents filed on behalf of the Facebook founder:

“Zuckerberg and Ceglia never discussed Facebook and they never signed a contract concerning Facebook. The contract is a cut-and-paste job, the e-mails are complete fabrications, and this entire lawsuit is a fraud.”

What is true is that Zuckerberg once upon a time wrote some code for a project for Ceglia, and he believes it is the emails about this project that have been doctored to look like they are about Facebook – albeit apparently not very convincingly. The margins look different and not all the sentences make sense, claims Zuckerberg’s side, lending weight to claims the emails are pieced together.

Ceglia claims to have invested $1,000 in something Zuckerberg called The Face Book project, which gave him a 50% interest in the company. Now wouldn’t that be the investment of the century.

[via CNET]


  • Watched in Social network that how he built the facebook. Not a trustable man

  • Facebook hired a computer forensics firm, a linguistics expert, a document authentication expert and a private detective to battle Ceglia’s allegations. If Ceglia was looking for a quick settlement from Facebook, he may have misjudged his opponent; or is Mark Zuckerberg & his company, Facebook, are just dishonest sociopath scum.
    mark zuckerberg facebook hired a high-profile public relations expert, firm to plant negative stories in major media outlets about its archrival Google; to trying to accuse Google of ‘privacy’ sins. take a lie detector test zuck . all that paul ceglia has to do is take a lie detector test .
    the winklevoss had to take the settlement; zuck new the idea facebook was not the winklevoss idea; and the winklevoss new that mark zuckerberg stole the idea facebook!!…….. BUT FROM WHO.
    In the high-powered atmosphere of Harvard, it wasn’t any trouble for Zuckerberg to steal the idea facebook and probably to the cheers of his professors and classmates DUSTIN+ CHRIS +CAMERON AND TAYLOR WINKLEVOSS AND CHICKENS; PIGS AND GOATS

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