The future of airport security checks: a light at the end of the tunnel

You know what it’s like. First you get stuck in a line behind 20 sunseekers who don’t understand airports’ liquid restrictions – and somehow deem it worthwhile to argue about it. Then you finally reach the metal detector, barefoot and holding your trousers up by your hands because you’ve removed your belt and shoes – only to be informed you have been selected for a “random check”. (Yes this really happened. Twice.)

There is however a light at the end of this tunnel – and they’re calling it the “Checkpoint of the Future”. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has just presented it – a tunnel that scans you as you walk through. It’s 20 foot long, meaning there’s ample time for it to scan your person, your shoes, and even your bags. Just walk on through with no dallying – it’s the airport dream we all dream.

It’s not quite here yet, but until then the IATA is considering a special security line for those with good records – like the 5-items-or-less queue at the supermarket, if you like. This will be for frequent fliers who have proved themselves worthy of this trust. Similarly, dodgy characters may find themselves taken aside for extra checks – this will be based on eye scans and police records though, and not the personal opinions of security staff.

[via Huffington Post]