Forget the R&D department, bring in the pre-schoolers: And they want interaction


We’ve always known they’re going to be the tech consumers of the next couple of decades, so it makes sense to give the next generation a say in what that future will look like. Manufacturers are dying to second guess what Generation Z could help design the gadgets that will shape their lives. And they want them to be interactive.

A study by Latitude (downloadable as a pdf) asked 200 kids aged 12-and-under what they’d like to see in their ideal computer then organised their ideas into categories like gaming elements or interaction. Results are shown on the screengrab below:

To me, the two stand-out results are that interaction was one of the most desired elements and that videos and 3D – big areas of investment – didn’t come up very much. (click for larger image)


Read-Write Web saw the data like this:

“By and large, kids wanted their technology to be more interactive and human, better integrated with their physical lives and empowering to users (such as by assisting new knowledge or abilities).”

Read full pdf of the report here.

Anna Leach