Augmented reality: separating the hype


Augmented Reality – the ability to access relevant digital information in real time as we’re walking down the street – is one of the hottest new areas of technology. Especially the music and advertising industries are excited about this, which is why we can now see music videos played from the backs of cereal boxes. But there are still questions about how relevant Augmented Reality (AR) will be – will it ever be more than just a clever gimmick?

At the moment, the technology is new and progress is hinged on development in other areas. Mobile phones need excellent batteries to perform the complex tasks of AR, and the internet needs to be stellar to provide uninterrupted information. Another hardware issue is GPS accuracy – most mobiles don’t have the antennae for perfect tracking. We will need that if we want to walk down Oxford Street and know what the person next to us are tweeting.

Anna Leach delves deeper into the issues surrounding augmented reality in the brand new issue of Technode, available to download free via iTunes.


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