Toilet roll dispenser is weirdest iPod dock yet


I’ve seen iPod docks that are also radios, alarm clocks and even digital picture frames, but up until 5 minutes ago, I’d never seen one that was also a toilet roll dispenser.

Now I have.

Created by the company ATechFlash it boasts “4 integrated high performance moisture-free speakers deliver exceptional clarity and high quality sound”. It requires a connection to the mains but will charge your phone up at the same time as playing your music and dispensing you toilet roll.

I’m not sure whether this is a great practical combination – or if it’s A STEP TOO FAR. Either way it’s kind of fascinating. Anyone want to ‘fess up to owning one?


The iCarta iPod dock on ATechFlash – available to buy from their retail partners

[via Nicolas Nova]
Anna Leach

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