Floppy cat ears controlled by your brain are real, and on sale in Japan


It’s a personal dream of mine to look more like a cat. This gadget is the obvious next step for me.

Combining great science with sweet-looking fluffy bits these mind-controlled kitty ears called “necomimi” were made in Japan by fashion company Neurowear.

Best of all -they’re going to be available in shops. Tiny sensors on the headband bit detect whether you are concentrating or relaxed and adjust the position of the ears accordingly. If you are relaxed, the ears flop forwards, if it detects higher brainwave activity – for example when you are thinking hard, the ears will prick up.

It’s great that brainwave detecting technology is now so cheap, though still very elementary.

It reminds us of this brainwave-controlled screwball scramble game that Gerald tested out last year..

[via Wired]
Anna Leach


  • You know it can't controll your brain, right? It doesn't work both ways. It's not reading your thoughts or anything, it's just feeding off the excess energy your brain is producing. The more enrgey the ears can sense you're making the more it'll perk up and move about. That's all that's going on here. Also, they aren't really for sale yet, you an find them at some events being sold, but they aren't in mass production yet. Although they should be any time now. Their site says they'll be offically for sale world wide in late spring 2012 on NeuroSky.com.

  • These arent available yet in the market, arent they? :/ not quite sure.

    But I do love the fact that theyre so cute. ^_^~ I can foresee that soon theyre gonna make lots of cool other stuff with that kind of innovation. :)

    It kinda creeps me out though~ the brain-control thing. Reminds me of Illuminati mind control or something. Really creepy when they can get their hands on it and like, control people who wear the nekomimi. @_@”lll

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  • This post made me curious to know more about these cat ears and how they will effect on human. Are they really helpful for human health or just a rumor?

  • Ils aperçoivent que l’argent qu’ils dépensent sur les chapeaux qui acceptent leur nom et leur logo sur elle ne se déplace pas pour être gaspillée.

  • The Japanese come up with silly but marketable inventions all the time. So how’s the cure for cancer coming along?

  • I’m actually quite curious about why Japan is so fascinated with cat ears.

    Nevertheless, some people are talking about how the product could be useful in terms of mental health benefits. Disabled people can convey their emotions better with them on.

    What would be interesting to see is what happens when you have a person wearing those ears interact with a real cat. Wouldn’t that be something, heh.

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