You'd better start paying for Spotify soon guys – free listening time halves

16_spotifythumb.jpgThe noose has tightened around Spotify free users – who have now had their free listening allowance cut from 20 hours a month to 10. That, plus the service’s limit of only 5 plays per song – ever – means, I imagine, that many Spotify users will be pushed to make the jump to the subscription service.

Well I guess we can’t blame them. The service has been very popular across the UK and Scandinavia, but has failed to make a profit. I’ve been paying 10 pounds a month since Christmas and I’ve never looked back.

So will you cough up, free Spotify users? Or will you just go back to Pirate Bay and Youtube?

Anna Leach


  • O Yeh, what an utterly stupid and immature thing to say. Surely some part of you must realize that music is produced by actual people doing work in the physical world – even if that music seems to appear by magic when you press some buttons on your computer. To make good music, it takes talent, and countless hours of practice and performance. It costs thousands of dollars in time, equipment, professional mixing and mastering, artwork, CD duplication, digital and physical distribution, and also for promotions.

    Artists must eat, clothe themselves and pay for housing, food, etc., just like everyone else does. And guess what? If you want an artist to buy what you make or sell, they can’t unless they have money.

    I wonder how you would feel if your didn’t get a paycheck and went to your boss to complain only to hear him/her say, “Don’t you DARE ask me to pay for your work! I will NEVER pay you, EVER!” I wonder how you’d feel if you made jewelry, or cars, or paintings, and had to stand by helplessly as hundreds/thousands of other people simple walked into your shop and took what they wanted with out paying you a cent.

    Why the hell do you listen to music if you don’t value it? Where do you think it comes from? Some Internet Fairy’s ass?

    Grow up.

  • I think if I listened to music regularly, than I would definitely pay for Spotify. But I only listen to music via Spotify for perhaps an hour a week maximum. I don’t mind the 10hour/month limit, but limiting plays of the same song to only 5 times does come across as a bit harsh.

  • Dont you DARE tell me to “start paying for Spotify soon”
    I will NEVER pay for music, EVER.

    • “I will NEVER pay for music, EVER.”

      So either (a) you are a criminal or (b) you never listen to music.

      I imagine it’s (a).

      Make the most of it. Thanks to over-entitled crooks of your sort, sooner or later there’ll be no music to listen to.

  • Spotify premium is the best ever. I use it mostly on my iPhone and occasionally stream to my AppleTV 2 via AirPlay. The best way to get music.

    Although I do wish at least ‘some’ of the revenue went to the artists.

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