Advert for Naked Web Coders on UK Craigslist… uhhhh


Naturism is a serious thing. People – usually Germans – like doing things naked as a way to keep cool and commune with nature. However. A recent advert on Craigslist for naked female web coders to work in an office in Buckinghamshire comes across as slightly more seedy than philosophical…

Chris Taylor of Nude Office based in Amersham, Bucks writes:

I need a number of female web coders – practising naturists – to work with others in a mixed sales and web writing office (and mixed gender office) using our own software to create fantastic additional facilities for our customers who never meet you and will not know you are nude.

“The office environment is all that a naturist could wish for – warm and private – and will be great fun.

Full advert on UK Craigslist.

I know jobs are short these days and this guy doesn’t seem too picky about your training.. So I mean I guess a 24k a year contract isn’t to just dismissed out of hand. This is Austerity Britain after all. Chris lists the job requirements:

“Understand the web and train to use our software to create effective web pages and add-ons for our customers. There is nothing hard with this other than understanding the web and being able to design web pages. You can work part-time or full-time – it is up to you.”

We emailed Chris, [email protected], to ask whether his interest in employing only female web coders for his office was an attempt to even up the gender imbalance in tech world. He was a little hazy on his motivations but insistent on the fact they needed to be female:

“I have explained elsewhere that the web coders will all be female because they will work with me. The other sales staff I am trying to employ will be of a balanced mixed sex number – about 14 staff in total in the first office. I will add more offices around the country over time. Eventually the web coders will work in the same offices as the sales staff.”

Chris also spoke to The Register about his unusual business model:

“As far as I am aware this is not only the first UK office job for naturists in web-coding or web-selling, but is also the first worldwide facility for naturists to earn substantial sums of money from work that incidentally provides them with the capability to work entirely without clothes.

Taylor admitted that a naturist office offers “no benefit to business productivity other than providing a nice facility for the staff”. There’s no benefit for customers, either, since they’ll “never know that the provider is nude”.


[from Mick Thorburn via The Register]
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  • If you view the meta tags in the source of their web page you get a deeper insight into the job.

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