Meet Me on The Facebook: 10 songs about Facebook… and other types of social media

Song lyrics often deal with the big issues: love, drugs, money, rejection… and increasingly, social media. It’s on Dappy from N-Dubz’s mind certainly.

I love spotting social media references in popular songs. Here the ten best ones I could find. Add new ones in the comments. I gotta say that a lot of these are rap or Rnb songs, I guess they just tend to have more lyrics. Enjoy….

1 ‘Meet Me on The Facebook’ – Bangs
“give me your email address / So I can add you as a friend / I really want to chat with you / cos you got a nice look / Meet me on the Facebook”

“I love Facebook because I get many girls”

“the best thing is for me to chat with her online / And make her feel fine”

Top marks for including Facebook in the track title. Bet a lot of us girls are longing for some of that online chat.

[thank you Mike Hillis]

2 ‘I Need You’ – N-Dubz
“I went to go on Facebook, will I get a face back?
Trying to find you is like a needle in a haystack

“I’ve been searchin’ all over Facebook,
and I can’t seem to find you
I really have to find you, baby I need you”

See Dappy, you need to learn from Bangs and get the girl’s email address, then you’ll know you got the right profile.

3 ‘Rolling in the Deep’ – remix of Adele by Jamie XX, plus rap by Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino is not a chart-topping name but this rap stuck in the middle of a remix of Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’ has the best damn lines on social networking ever. Particular love for the reference to Blogspot.
“Come back to me like hipsters to Blogspot”
“iPhone photos, use them just to mock you/ Read your Twitter messages, too proud to block you”

4 ‘MCs can kiss’ – Uffie
“I got 9 million plays and 12 hundred friends
Don’t hate the player, man, hate the game
I never force anyone to listen my music
Never send a bulletin, never post the shit
I’m a musical youth and I rules the nation
Something is wrong with this generation
They just want to play games like GTA”

She doesn’t name drop a social network, but we get that she’s chatting about Youtube and Generation Internet. Nice reference to Grand Theft Auto.

5 ‘Go then, bye’ Speech DeBelle

“I can’t see your face on facebook cause we’re not friends on facebook
But still I wanna know if you’re cool and what your status says you’ve been up to”

I like this one from Mercury-winning London rapper Speech DeBelle because of its insight into the whole Facebook/ex thing. DIFFICULT. There need to be more songs about this.
Another tech shout-out here: “so take your XBox and run”

6 ‘XXXO’ – MIA

“I don’t let it show, but I think you know
Tweeting me like a Tweety Bird on your phone”

7 ‘28000 Friends’ – Eoghan Quigg

“You and your 28,000 friends (I’m talkin’ ’bout)
YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, IM (Get out of the house)
Can’t you try to find
Some room for me in your life
You and your 28,000 friends”

“We’ve got no chance if you are always (Oh oh oh)
Pre-occupied with your second life (Oh oh oh)
Don’t send an e-mail let me touch your face (Oh oh oh)
Go see a shrink about it it’s not right”

Yeah, we don’t actually listen to this, it just came up on a Google search. He has lots to say about the internet though. Kudos for mentioning second life. Lots:

8 ‘OMG’ – The Streets
Back to relationships and Facebook. Heart-warming.

9 ‘Follow me like Twitter’ Chris Brown
“Imma go getter
I be pullin’ all the chicks they follow me like twitter
Follow me like twitter, follow, follow me like twitter
Hangin’ on every word that I say”

We’d be keener on this song if it didn’t give the misleading impression that you follow Twitter itself on Twitter. Accuracy please.

10 Being a Dickhead is cool
This song mentions iPhone apps. We think they’re talking about Tumblr, but sadly they don’t actually name-drop it.

“polaroid app on my iPhone / Taking pictures on London Fields / Up on the blog so everyone knows… we’re having new age fun with a vintage feel”

Anna Leach


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