Got dibs? New Facebook app takes prom dress planning online

prom-dress.jpgA new app that lets girls place “dibs” on which dress they’ll be wearing to their school prom has just been launched on Facebook. ‘Got Dibs?’ is produced by the fashion advice website, and encourages girls to upload their outfit choices to get style tips from their peers and more importantly to publicly lay claim to the best dresses and shoes before other girls get their hands on them.

Fashism’s co-founder and chief marketing officer, Ashley Granata, says that “The opinions of peers, whether they are best friends or online “friends” from around the country, are key to the tech-savvy, fashion-loving consumer”. Others believe it is the ability to mark your fashion territory that makes the app really appeal to young girls. Jane Keltner de Valle, fashion news director of Teen Vogue said -“Staking an early claim on a dress may help girls breathe easier. And then it’s the girl who doesn’t follow these new etiquette rules who risks rebuke”.

But should anyone be facing a “rebuke” in the etiquette minefield that is the world of high-school proms? Isn’t this app just facilitating the already present bitchiness between high-school girls for the best dress in school and ramping up the pressure on parents who otherwise feel their children will be bullied for not wearing the latest fashions?

Via Momania