Fuiji Film FinePix Z900 EXR: glossy 16megapixel digital camera on sale from May


If you want a high-specced digital camera that comes in a compact, glossy package, then this Z900 EXR from Fuji’s FinePix range could be the one for you.

At £219 it’s pricey though, so you’d have to be committed to the idea of a digital camera
Out this May, the Z900EXR sports effortless good looks, feature-packed specification and brilliant picture-taking performance, retailing for £219.

Specs and pictures below:

– brand new 16 mega-pixel EXR-CMOS sensor
– 5x wide-angle zoom lens
– 3.5 inch LCD touch-screen
– auto mode letting the camera auto adjust to your surroundings, or three manual – modes: high resolution; Dynamic Range for contrasting light situations, or Signal to Noise for low-light conditions.
– available in four high-shine colours including Gloss Red, Hot Pink, Royal Blue and Brilliant Black.

Anna Leach


  • As a photographer I often question myself about the importance of my role and realistically how little a contribution I make to society, after all I’m no teacher or farmer, I simply make pretty pictures, a luxury item that has no real significant purpose, or so I had thought. And it wasn’t until that moment that i actually realised the real importance of a photograph.

  • Images can be cherished, they can be commerce, they can be informative and moving. Photography has the power for social change. It can sway public opinion, encite the masses, or create a supermodel overnight. It can entice us to buy, set fashion trends, or capture the aesthetic beauty of a somber sky in a landscape.

  • Photographs and the art of photography has always fascinated me because it is many things to different people. For some, like me, it is a profession, a passion to create that must be satisfied. To others it is the fun of using a camera phone while hanging out with some friends.

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