10% of Men have pulled a sickie to stay at home gaming. Poll: Have you?


There are many reasons to pull a sickie – and being sick is only one of them.

A survey by www.MyVoucherCodes.co.uk found that one in ten British men would pull a sickie to stay at home and game, one in a hundred would do it on a monthly basis. No stats for women unfortunately.

It reminds us of forum like this one, where Grand Theft Auto fans compared notes on who was going to take a sickie the day the new edition came out. One poster declared that he was booking a week off work just after the new GrandTheftAuto came out so he could stay home and play the game. Well at least that’s company-agreed holiday time.

However, the researchers asked 1,756 men but only those who owned a gaming console – meaning the results are going to exaggerate the percentage of hardcore gamers out there.

Those polled were initially asked “Have you ever pretended to be ill in order to stay at home gaming?” to which 11% said yes. When asked how often they pulled a sickie at work in order to stay at home gaming, 9% said that they did it regularly, once a month or more, whereas 42% said they did it occasionally. 49% said that they rarely did it.

Anna Leach