Mysterious web service – Hipster – covers SXSW


The web service Hipster is covering the South by South-West festival. Launched in January to bafflement and a fierce debate about what the word “hipster” actually means – the web service turned out to be a kind of location based question and answer service. Like city-based version of Quora you ask? yes, like that.

I’m not holding my breath for the most insightful coverage of SXSW ever released. So far answered questions about SXSW include:

“How much do I have to pay someone to smuggle a pulled chicken sandwich back to LA for me?”


“What is the one, must-attend party at SXSW?”

Of course with location-based services – they’re only really useful when you’re actually there.

The domain is actually though currently the only location you can set is SXSW. SXSW is kind of a showcase location, but they better start adding some more cities quickly if they want to keep the momentum going..

3_hipster bottom.jpg

Anna Leach


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