In Pictures: the Five Mobile Phone Sins

Intel have delved into the depths of the way we live now – with a look at mobile manners.
Phones, tablets, laptops have a big impact on how we behave in public spaces – on the train, in cafes, walking down the street. And uh usually they make us behave worse than we already did.

Intel surveyed two thousand Americans and compiled a list of our mobile sins… Among the five worst regarded crimes they found out that 1 in 5 Americans check their phone before they got up in the morning.

3G and wifi-enabled devices are an area of tech that didn’t really exist 10 years ago -but is now mainstream. Intel first put wifi into a laptop 8 years ago, enabling the unwired laptop. Wifi on laptops is now the basic standard.

See our gallery below for the hitlist of mobile phone sins:

Anna Leach

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