iPad 2 LEAKED – 17th March, 1.2GHz chip & 3G only for 499 euros UPDATE: bullshit, but close enough


The specs features and pricing of the new iPad2 have just been leaked on Amazon Germany – hours ahead of the official launch by Tim Cook in San Francisco. The page sat up on Amazon Germany for several hours before disappearing completely- the Google cache has even been deleted. It’s an unsual PR blip for Apple and seems to be the fault of Amazon Germany.

The deal with iPad 2? If the site is correct there’s a camera, bluetooth, but no wifi-only versions meaning that all devices will come with 3G. According to tech website, yourdailyapple, the device will come with a 9.7-inch screen, a 1.2GHz processor and a Thunderbolt interface.

It will cost 499 euros – translating as 424GBP – exactly the same as the old one. Just with 3G packed in – well worth it.

And it’s out on the 17th March in Germany and we guess the UK too..

Better deal? Yep – definitely a step from the old Pad and we can expect a host of deals from network providers to make this more affordable than the last one.

Anna Leach