IPAD 2: Hands-on video with iPad

We grabbed an iPad at the launch in London today and made a German journalist demo it for us.
Check out – how slim it is, the cameras and the Facetime app.

Where the camera shakes it’s not wonder… it’s just some European jogging my elbow..

See our 10 things You Need to Know write-up for more details.

Anna Leach


  • don’t listen then!

    I think the magnetic cover is rather tacky it’ll look yucky in no time – don’t think the cover-makers need to worry about that. I don’t have an ipad but I’m tempted by this one.

  • My god she does say “ummm” an awful lot! I would attempt to count how many times she says this but I fear my insides will spontaneously try to escape my body for fear of hearing this girls ridiculously annoying voice!

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