Blog-control firm MetPro goes bust


MetPro Rapid Response is the company used by London’s Barnet Council to prevent bloggers from filming their budget cut meetings.

Private security contractors MetPro was asked by the Council to stop some residents from entering the public gallery to see the council vote through cuts.

The story has been documented by Barnet blogs such as David Hencke and Broken Barnet. Hencke repots that MetPro stands accused of covertly filming residents and may even be monitoring Barnet bloggers, something the Council denies.

But now MetPro has gone bankrupt, and the contract with Barnet Council is for sale. Moreover, MetPro is allegedly in debt, owing around £400,000, more than half of this due to the HMRC.

Speaking to David Hencke, Barnet Council said: “Barnet Council is urgently reviewing MetPro Rapid Response’s position and will be liaising with the liquidators involved.”



  • Hi Sam, I would be interested if you can point me to any evidence of the impersonating a police officer allegation you make?

  • Did you know that Kevin Sharkey has been to crown court over runing a security company ?? And by law he should not be doing so. Met Pro said is court that they do not supply manned security officers: and only do crime patrols. well this is not the case is it. the SIA was set up to stop security companys like his from runninng but why did the police not act when he has broking the SIA security 2001 act EVERY day. from 2002?? and now what are they doing about it. THEY have watched that company run and take money from us the Tax payers for years. mabe its true what Mr Sharkey has been telling his officers that he pays some police off to look the other way. look at the money he now owes the HMCR AND IN TAX but still he is up and running a new company . you mite be the one to ask why is some one that has convictions for saying he was a police officer and pulling cars over with blue lights on his car and been able to run a security company when he was taking to the crown court by the SIA for running a company when he can not. please look into this as you will open a very big door and many will pray that will not open



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