App lets you VJ your own music videos: Tappr.Tv for visual scratching


Do you remember how Windows media player would provide trippy visuals to go with your music as you played it?

That’s exactly what new app Tappr.Tv lets you create for yourself. By touching, tapping and tilting the screen in time to the music and creating musically inspired swirls.

They describe it as a “visual scratching” – it lets you make dynamic visuals to accompany music tracks which you can then save, edit and play back.

They say: “DJs scratch audio records, VJs make visuals to music, is visual scratching for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.”

“ lets users make their own dynamic visuals using over 100 particle-based instruments. Each instrument uniquely responds to the user’s touches and tilts with bursts of particles and light.”

Tappr.Tv is free on iTunes

Anna Leach


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