Watches that stop time: Hublot Geneve's Key Of Time


We’ve seen watches that don’t tell the time before (reference Tokyoflash) but not watches that actually stop time. However that seems to be the latest trend in a line of super luxe wrist-watches from Hublot Geneve.

Their Key of Time watch will “indicate your time, the way you want it”. And that means letting you “stop time” for a precious few minutes. Making time stop is a fully-blown function on this watch – press a button and the hands freeze – allowing you to play singstar for 10 minutes longer, or engage in a clandestine love- making session or just space out a bit away from the pressures of chronology.

When you click a button, the hands whir back to the correct place. Hublot also throw in – some precision engineering, a trippy 3 dial face and expensive
All in all it will set you back $261,000 – a little out of the ShinyShiny budget.

We love their press release. It’s pretty deep:

“With the advent of digital civilisation, the abundance of information has in a sense taken over from material abundance. In today’s world with all these sources, not always legitimately ordered, we are faced with a constant barrage of information. We go from fascination to concern, from joy to disappointment or to sadness within a fraction of a second… In this limitless abundance, what is the ultimate intangible object, the one becoming ever scarcer? It is Time itself. Often defined as the true luxury of our age, time remains no less an abstraction: sometimes passing too quickly…. sometimes

“What if a watch, by means of its mechanics, gave you the ability to manage the passing of time as you wished? To really manage your own time?”

Lovely. Glad to hear there’s a gadget for that.

We imagine this can be done a lot more cheaply and we look forward to someone stepping into the lower end of the time-stopping market.

[on Hublot, via Gizmodo]

Anna Leach

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  • $261,000 is too much for a watch…I just can’t see what’s the use of stopping the hands of your clock…? A bit confused.

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