Turn your iPad into a laptop: Dexim launches its iBluek Keyboard:


Ever felt that the iPad was missing a certain something? One of those.. oh yes, keyboards? Obviously Steve Jobs left it out on purpose when he designed the Apple tablet, but some uses still hanker after the keyboard functionality. Well you can have it.

The iBluek Bluetooth keyboard works with iPad and all fits together in one smooth leather case. They say: “slip your iPad into the iBluek to create one lush and seamless unit.”


The facts:
A super-thin keyboard (just 0.2″ thick), powered by an internal lithium-ion battery, the iBluek boasts over 3 months’ standby time and almost 1 full day of continuous usage.
You can remove the keyboard and just use the case or even link the keyboard to your iPhone via a USB cable, if you want some help texting.

The iBluek is £99 available from O2 and Sainsbury’s stores across the UK

Anna Leach