The Stephen Fry iPad case leaves us cold and sad

We’re all in favour of customised iPad cases, that’s the sort thing we live and breathe over here – but these ones by Three left us feeling just a little bit queasy.

They’ve chosen three celeb iPad users in the UK and done personalised iPad cases in homage to them, namely: Stephen Fry, Chris Evans and the Loose Women panel. It’s all to promote their iPad contract.

We think the Three contract for iPad is a great idea (£199 for the Pad and then £25 a month, more here) but as a marketing strategy this leaves us all retchy, you might as well write “hi famous person, please love us and promote our deal” on the front of the case and just leave it at that.

Just sayin’.

We leave you to make your own judgements. This what they have to say about these things:

The case designs take inspiration from the personalities and careers of their subjects:

· Stephen Fry’s love of academia has been captured in a rustic, old fashioned book, complete with the leather inside cover engraved with shapes representing his most famous work. An intriguing juxtaposition to the modern technology hidden within


· Five Loose Women presenters – Kate Thornton, Sherrie Hewson, Andrea McLean, Coleen Nolan and Carol McGiffin – are portrayed in their usual position, behind a coffee table, mug of tea in hand, debating the issues of the day


· Chris Evan’s career has been depicted in four life stages representing his stints on TV and Radio for The One Show, Big Breakfast and BBC Radio 2.



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Anna Leach


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