Skiver Android app helps you pull a convincing sickie

3skiver.jpgThe first week in February is traditionally the most popular week in the year for people to call in sick to work. And Mondays are the most popular day for sickies too, so Monday 7th Feb is the day most people are likely to stay home with day time TV. There’s now an app for that.

If you’re the lucky owner of an Android phone there’s now an app – Skiver – to help you convince your boss that you, above all others, deserve a duvet day.

So, the app won’t rewire her/his brain or change company policy on sickies, but it will provide you with an arsenal of scientifically convincing lines to back up your decision to stay at home on a grey, cold morning.

The Newcastle-based developers of Skiver explain:

“Skiver allows users to select how many days off they fancy, delivers a selection of plausible illnesses and even lists symptoms to ensure the user has a full cover story to spin to their boss. There is even a pre-filled email function that can be sent directly to a user’s boss to inform them of their absence.”

Handy. Just make sure your boss doesn’t have the app.

Skiver is on the Android App store, see more about it on their website

Anna Leach