Geek Valentine's Gifts: Furry glowing cushions, pun mugs & tiny trees

I’m going to be spending Valentine’s day playing with lego in the company of a cat called Mr Snookums listening to death metal.

However, I recognise some of you readers may be in fulfilling relationships, and that you might want to celebrate that yearly festival of love known as Valentine’s Day. You might want to give your loved a gift to demonstrate your love for them.

Here are three cute little ones from ThumbsUp…

Hot Stuff Mug
£7.99 here
It’s complimentary, it’s a pun AND it’s useful.

The Heart Pillow
£29.99 here
Okay. So this is more down the weirdy kitsch side of things. If you like glowing furry things in the sitting room, this will go down a treat. Thumbs-Up say: “This heart-shaped cushion is touch sensitive – simply tap on and the heart will glow and pulse in romantic red.”

Magic Sakura
£9.99 here
Forget flowers, get him/her a tree – a tiny miniature love tree that will blossom, just like your relationship. Sprinkle this Japanese paper tree with the included magic water and within just a couple of hours a beautiful pink blossom will bloom.


Anna Leach

One thought on “Geek Valentine's Gifts: Furry glowing cushions, pun mugs & tiny trees

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