Xmas non-sellers: why we weren't forking out for iPads or 3D TVs

1501thumb.jpgTipped as tech hot potatoes for Christmas 2010, neither of these hyped products sold as much as expected..

Apple’s iPad has done well on sales since its launch in Feb but Christmas didn’t provide it with much of a boost, most likely because its £429 price tag (minimum) kept it out of most people’s present-giving budget. Costing the better part of £500, it’s hardly a stocking-filler. It’s probably safe to say that most iPad owners are wealthy people who bought them for themselves [an elite as this blog post named them]

Kindles on the other hand, did do well. Probably because they are just a bit more within the range of an impulse buy at £99

We all went out to watch Avatar, but 3D TV sales just didn’t take off this Christmas, partly because of the price range – at John Lewis they’re a minimum of £899 and much more likely to be double that. There’s also some evidence that people are put off by having to wear glasses and just that they are still unsure about the technology. Watch this space though, CES looks like it will be another 3D product bonanza that could fuel demand.

Anna Leach