#CES: Toshiba will unveil the 3D TV that won't require glasses, it just might not be that good..


Toshiba are set to be one of several TV manufacturers to show off a 3D TV set that doesn’t require glasses at CES this year. We’ve seen these glasses-free 3D screens before on pocket devices, and Toshiba gave us a glimpse of this tech back in October with the 20 inch TV Toshiba Regza. The glasses-free technology is more user-friendly – there’s less hassle with clunky eyewear but is said not to have the *pop* of glasses-enabled 3D – it has a more subtle effect. On the plus side, it has better all round viewing angles compared to 3D TVs that use glasses.

The special screen uses multi-parallax picture transmission to get the 3D effect, (employing a lenticular lens setup) that sends out two slightly different images for the left and right eyes.

[via the Telegraph]
Anna Leach


  • Toshiba in Oct 2010 has launched the first 3D television sets that do not require special glasses,really looking forward to it.

  • many people are saying that you have to sit right in front of the Toshiba 3D Tvs in order to get the 3D effect – Not good for watching with lots of frreinds or family, everyone will be fighting for the best position!

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