BubCap promises to make your iPad toddler proof


If you have an iPad and a toddler, you may have experienced toddler home-button-pushing phenomenon. Apparently kids really like pushing pushing it, which has the unfortunate effect, of course, of x-ing you out of whatever application you happen to be in.

iPads can be really fun for kids, with some games and apps aimed specially at them, but the random

I can’t speak from personal experience on this one, but Rob Mitchell of Paperclip Robot can, and he has invented a solution for it – the BubCap. A little like one of those safety caps for medicine bottles – just for Apple devices.

He explains:

“Patent-pending BubCap home button covers are flexible enough that adults can press the home button, but just rigid enough that younger children can’t. Install a BubCap and forget about it; now your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is much more kid-friendly, yet it doesn’t have to be removed for adults to use the device.”

Sure, it’s not the the most beautiful addition to the iPad, but it does sound cheap and practical.

It won’t stop your child dropping it in the bath however, sometimes we all have to learn lessons the hard way.

BubCaps come in 4-packs, which are available for $5 at BubCap.com

Anna Leach


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