Kate Middleton booted off Facebook..

1605kate.jpgAn American woman called Kate Middleton was booted off Facebook last Thursday because administrators thought she was trying to impersonate the more famous Kate Middleton who is about to marry Prince William.

Turns out the 29 year old had already been on the site for 3 years and was just going about her normal business. Like trying to organise her 30th birthday party for example. However, when she complained to Facebook, they recognised their mistake and promised to reinstate her account, stat.

Facebook said that it reviews thousands of entries a day, and is bound to make the occasional mistake. Apparently lots of fake Kate Middleton accounts have been set up after Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton his fiancee.

Still as American Kate pointed out – her profile picture looks completely different and she *has been on the site for three years.

The Facebook bit will be fixed, but just think of the poor woman’s SEO – must be dreadfully affected by the whole Royal Wedding.

[via TG Daily]

Anna Leach

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