Revolutionary Android App – Google Translate – live translates languages


An Android app made by Google could revolutionise how the nations of the world understand each other. Google Translate has now got a real-time conversation function that can translate between two people having a conversation in different language. This is pretty revolutionary. The app uses voice recognition to work out what the speaker is saying, runs it through Google Translate and then speaks it out loud so that a speaker of another language can understand it.

We can say right off that there are going to be wrinkles in this – have you ever tried Google translate from English to another language and back again? It’s not exactly seamless, but at least people will get the gist.

It’s similar to ground-breaking app Word Lens – an iPhone app that uses image recognition to read and translate text from a foreign language.

This, plus the update of Google Goggles gives the Android store some master apps, enough to make iPhone users seriously jealous. To date neither Goggles nor Translate are available on the iTunes store.

*Bows down to Google.*

Anna Leach

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