Niche jobs sites – best way to get ahead is to get specialised

1582lolcat-job.jpgIt’s almost taken for granted that job searches have gone online – but don’t just go to, be imaginative about where you’re looking. It seems that niche jobs-sites has taken off too.

Look for example, at So you may not want to join the ministry or lay pastoral care (though bear in mind that it has been one of the sectors almost unaffected by the recession) but it’s an example of really specific jobs being advertised in a particular place. There’s also stuff like website managers on offer up there.

Being a little web-savvy about where you look for jobs can help even in one of the most traditional careers.

Back in the UK, for unemployed builders or handymen – piecemeal jobs come up on where you can contact people who have work directly. For accountancy there’s sites like AccountancyAge, for retail sites like
GrocerJobs or RetailChoice.

Though, when dealing with smaller job sites – be careful of: low credibility, authenticity or integrity or sites which require paid membership to be useful. See a guide to job boards here.

Anna Leach