10 Ways The Internet Can Make You Happy – #BlueMonday


In case the grey weather, withered leaves, the fact that Christmas is now a distant memory and people both on the internet and off it are broke or unemployed wasn’t enough to inform you that this is the most depressing day in the year, Twitter should have done by now.

#BlueMonday has been trending top in the UK and Worldwide.. But you don’t need to buy anything, engage in physical exertion or even leave the computer monitor to start feeling better, cause as well as telling us about bad shit, the internet can cheer us up too. Oh yes.

Here are ten ways the Internet can make you happy:

1) Pictures of cats/babies/pugs dressed as sushi/hedgehogs having a bath

2) Videos of cats/babies/pugs dressed as sushi/hedgehogs having a bath

3) The sweet companionship of your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Googlechat.

4) There’s an app which lets you stream live video from your cat’s collar to your iPhone so you can see what Snookums is up to while you’re away.

5) Finding you a new job. Google it.

6) Finding you a new boyfriend/girlfriend/person to watch Youtube videos with. Online dating – go!

7) Free therapy! Yes, that should make you happy right? you can do CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy free online here at MoodGYM – just a way to help you get your thoughts in order.

8) Blogs – let it all out in a cathartic blog post. For some reason it just feels better than a diary.

9) Free music – it’s called Youtube. The other thing is called Spotify. They both make me feel better.

10) WebComics – well this is just a personal one. But if I’m feeling sorta blue then looking at stick men making jokes about
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Anna Leach