Meaningful Family Conversations – there's an app for that: Convershakn for iPhone


Ever stuck on what to say to say to your teenage son? Younger sister? A child that is related to you in some way? Well, thank god, there is now an app for that. An app to help you make conversation with your family.

And don’t worry that the questions will seem stiff or like they’ve been randomly selected by a computer – you can set the app to come up with gender and age specific questions. So it sounds almost natural:

The press release from app-makers Convershakn LLC says it best:

“Convershakn 1.0 generates age and gender-specific questions about school, friends, values, goals, faith and many other topics. In the car, on a walk, waiting in line, waiting for a table for a meal at a restaurant, or simply at home anytime, Convershakn is very flexible, as you can use it with one child or groups of children.”

But it’s not quite as socially awkward as it sounds – commenters on iTunes say they use it almost as a kind of discussion board game to get some interesting conversations and debates going..

Sample questions include:
“What matters to you more at school, being popular or being respected and why?”

Sounds good to me! Children and groups of children here I come!

Anna Leach