Hipster.com: we speculate what mysterious website will actually turn out to be


So you thought a hipster was that person with floppy hair flicking cigarette stubs around and wearing a neon hoodie? Well, yes that is a hipster, but Hipster is now also a website. And though nobody actually knows what it does, the site has got 10,000 people already signed up to the cool things it promises and everyone from the Washington Post to Techcrunch posting about it. That screengrab above is all it consists of. See the site for San Fran here.

The Washington post speculates that it is a social network. The makers are refusing to confirm or deny this. We’d like to add our voice to this speculation.

Here are five things we think Hipster could turn out to be:

1) A hoax. A great big ironic hoax which takes a bunch of email addresses, gathers a storm of hype and then just sends everyone a picture of a flower, once.

2) An advert for American Apparel: the clothing label defined the Hipster look but has now fallen onto hard times. I suspect this might be some cunning 2.0 marketing approach. The font is the same too.

3) A social network for Hipsters. Those poor dears could use a niche social network so they can talk about vintage knitwear and upload club pictures in peace without random unhip people commenting or adding them as friends. Posts will be marked up as “cool” or “not cool”.

4) An advert for an organic ice cream chain shortly to open branches in San Francisco and New York. Given the strap line – “Something cool is coming to San Francisco”. I find this a likely explanation.

5) Some cunning social network that combines location-based social networking – on smartphones – with consumer products. Hipsters love products. I envisage a barcode reader, a GPS-based check-in facility.

Anna Leach

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