Law cracks down on Twitter as footballer faces disciplinary action over tweet


A footballer for British club Liverpool is facing disciplinary action from the Football Association over a tweet where he criticised a referee.

Ryan Babel posted a picture of Howard Webb with a Manchester United shirt photoshopped onto him after Manchester beat Liverpool in a game where Man U was awarded a penalty. The Football Association are now charging Babel with improper conduct.

He is the first footballer to be charged over a tweet, though the most famous case of a tweet landing someone in hot water came last year where Brit Paul Chambers was fined £3000 for threatening to “blow up” Nottingham Robin Hood airport.


The footballer is going down like a hero though, tweeting till the end, see the screengrab above. And gathering a lot of support on Twitter.

Comment on this coming soon, in the meantime – what do you think about this?

Anna Leach


  • Twitter is a great thing, but a word of warning…if you twitter something negative about a company or a person and cost them money, you can be sued. If you are not sure something is true, do not RT (tetweet) it. Besides, if you RT something that is fake or exaggerated, you will cause problems for some innocent person or company.

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