If Facebook is worth $50bn, that means your Facebook profile is worth $100

1505thumb.jpgOkay, hold steady before you float yourself on the stock market, but since you as a Facebook member make up one 50millionth part of Facebook, you make up part of that $50billion that the company is now valued at.

Divide $50billion by Facebook’s 500 million members and you get $100. In a fair world, that is what everyone’s Facebook profile would be worth.

Of course that’s not quite how it works, because Mark Zuckerberg probably wants a bit more than $100 for his efforts and they do have like staff and server costs and shareholders etc. But thinking about it, $100 or £63.97 is kind of reasonable. It feels about right. If I’m ever selling my online identity I’ll bear that in mind.

In the meantime, if you want some perspective on Facebook and its place in the modern world, just remember that Google is valued at $189bn and Apple at an astonishing $295bn. (thanks TNW)

Anna Leach